Has it really been a year since Obama was inaugurated? Not yet. In 22 minutes it will be, though. Tonight, Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore took a look back at Obama's first year. Key lesson: We need new Obama jokes.

Stewart starts by spoofing the cable news habit grading of grading presidential administration, offering up his own complicated formula for quantitatively assessing Obama's first year. Funny! Consider that barrel effectively machine-gunned with an M-16. Who wants cod for dinner?

Larry Wilmore followed and did his thing, which is basically: Talking to white people like they are all racist. This was pretty funny too!

Well, we've come to the end of the first year for President Obama and if there's one thing we learned it's this: Negroes aren't magic... Admit it Jon, you thought he was a magic negro. You know, your Bagger Vances, your Green Mile Guy. You thought he would just cast a magic spell and fix the nation.

Honestly, though, we were hoping "The Daily Show" would use Obama's one-year anniversary to roll out a hot new satirical angle on the guy. Seems like they still haven't gotten a good bead on him besides: Everyone thought he would save the country but he didn't, plus he is black, a race against which some people are racist.

It feels like just yesterday John Roberts screwed up Obama's swearing-in and we are all really happy and filled with hope and change. And it might as well been yesterday that the LA Times wrote:

Ian Cameron, executive producer of ABC's "This Week With George Stephanopoulos," said that it may still be too early for Obama-based material to emerge...

"There also has been more of a track record with Bush, when there were eight years," said Cameron. "A lot of comedians are still feeling their way. There's still the 'Obama walking on water' jokes."

But it was really May 4, 2009.