Confused about the whole Late Night situation? Let Taiwan get you up to speed by turning Zucker, Leno, and Conan into brawling animated superheroes. Gruh?

This animation, while awesome, is completely superfluous. When they did Tiger Woods a few months ago, it served a purpose. People wanted to know what happened, and Taiwan was there to fan the flames of wild conjecture with a re-enactment of Tiger's car accident.

This video, however, begs a few questions. First, why do Taiwanese people care about who gets The Tonight Show? And second...why does everybody turn into a superhero? Jeff Zucker as Captain America? More like Professor Jerk! And why would a superhero need to hit someone with a chair? So many questions! Get Taiwan on the phone!

Maybe Taiwan will animate every American scandal for the rest of eternity?

And if you want the boring English one that you can actually understand, go here.