This is what a keen male eye has posited in a post for T Magazine (the New York Times' snooty luxury fashion pub.) Well, to be fair, she says "curvy", not the f-word. But still... really? Let's consult some photos!

Update: Andy Port is a woman! That is totally my dumb mistake.

Port says:

Maybe it's just me, but I could have sworn that some of the ladies who showed up at the Golden Globes on Sunday had put on a little weight. It's almost criminal to name names, because the very actresses whose body-mass indexes have been the subject of endless tabloid speculation are the very ones now sporting sexier curves. You could definitely see the difference if you concentrated solely on the upper arms.

But then they do name names, as the post uses photos of Kate "Wide As The" Hudson, Jennifer "Is-A-Ton" Aniston, and Courteney "Portly" Cox to illustrate its point. So let's take a look at pictures of these actresses taken last night and inspect them. Specifically their upper arms.

Yep, you can see what Port's talking about. There it is. One big lamb-hock of blubber-arm.

It's amazing she can lift that thing at all!

This cougar's been doing a lot of hunting!

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