For all the straights people out there who don't know, Guys with iPhones is a website that houses thousand of pictures of men holding a phone and often wearing little else. How has it become a magnet for B-list nudes?

DJ Paulie Disrobed is just the latest example of reality show denizens and second-tier stars showing up on the hallowed stall wall of the website [NSFW, unless you work as a male prostitute at a brothel in the Nevada desert]. The biggest star the site has nabbed is REM's Michael Stipe. They posted the photos of Cleveland Indians player Grady Sizemore that made the internet rounds. And they've scored some much, much smaller victories: Jane's Addiction's Dave Navarro; Dexter actor Brando Eaton; rappers Chingy, Fabolous, and Soulja Boy; and reality show personalities like Ryan Vieth (Tamra's son on Real Housewives of Orange County) and Ade Obayomi (a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance).

How did Guys with iPhones become the place to go to check out naked pictures of famous dudes who happen to have iPhones? The people who run the site tell us that all the pictures are reader-submitted and that they don't authenticate where the pictures come from before posting them. They often appear on their site before showing up anywhere else and only once has someone of note asked to have their pictures taken down (they politely complied) so, like they said, we can draw our own conclusions from all that.

Here is why we think these pictures keep flooding in, and why we'll probably see even more of them in the future:

Vanity: The whole idea of the site peddles to the concept of male vanity. As long as their are grubby mirrors and cameras on handheld devices, we can expect to see men with good physiques showing off their hard work for the masses. Such may be the case for Michael Stipe, who caused a sensation when he appeared on the site this summer. After years of looking less than well, he's looking comparatively hunky in his pic. Also, along with Stipe's shot, there is a whole collection of photos of disrobed men in the same bathroom. Michael Stipe wants you to know he is looking good and getting laid, thank you very much!

Publicity: As we learned from Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, whole careers can be made thanks to sexy images. If Ryan from the Real Housewives of Orange County wants to set the hype machine purring, what better way than a discreet leak here. The only people who will really notice are the gays so it won't get too much exposure, but they are the star makers, so once they take an interest, he'll have his own show about his legal troubles in no time!

Revenge: As long as ladies (and gay dudes) can convince their lovers to send them suggestive photos, then scorned ladies (and gay dudes) will be posting those photos online after a break up. The Sizemore pics supposedly originated from an ex-girlfriend, and what better avenue could one have than this site, which will post photos without verification and with anonymity. Right now, I'm glad that I took naked pictures with my ex's Blackberry.

The Velvet Mafia: The shadowy organization of power gays is strange and mysterious. We don't know how they get things like naked pictures of Ade Obayomi, but when they do, they want to share them with their brethren and then don't want their names attached. They'll keep the celebrity skin rolling on Guys with iPhones, and they wait for the day they can prove the existence of Lady Gaga's penis by posting a close up.

Street Cred: Just give it a bit of time, and this will be a "cool" thing to do. Brando Eaton, who we only know because he was on Guys with iPhones and Dexter, certainly knows this. Now, if he gets bigger, people will say, "Oh, he's so nice and cool and fun. Remember when he posted a pic of himself working out on Guys with iPhones. He's the bees knees." And if shirtless pics are going to be taken of stars anyway, why not beat the paparazzi to the punch and put up good ones of yourself rather than the unflattering ones they take of you on St. Barths after too many weeks of Sonic burgers and not enough time at the gym?