Last night's Big Love was all about how sad love is. Even when it's happy, it's sad. And when it's sad, it's really sad. Like [SPOILER] weeping at a backyard wedding for all the wrong reasons sad.

Let's start at the end, with a scene that was happy, but was also sad. Little Sarah Henrickson is all grown up. Well, OK, she's not exactly grown up, but she is married! To the dude from Breaking Bad! After much back-and-forthing between eloping to city hall and getting married "in" her parents' church (it doesn't seem to be a physical church, really, it's just ideological or whatever), Sarah finally decided that it was important to make her family happy about this one little thing. So she surprised her mom and her sister-moms and came strolling out into the foggy night and there was a wedding, right there in the backyard. Everyone seemed happy and wistful and in awe of time passing, as most people are most of the time, except for Nikki. Nikki was just straight up weeping, her blubbering face the last thing we saw in this thick, densely-populated episode.

She was crying because, as she confessed to Margene, she's not exactly sure she's in love with Bill anymore. She got a taste of the outside world last season with Mr. Prosecutor and now she wants more. Specifically, more of him. Nikki took an ill-advised trip to see him at his house last night, after hearing that he was being transferred "three states away" (Kansas? Montana? Oregon?) for bungling up the whole Roman Grant case. Not entirely sure of her own motivations for being there, Nikki just stood on his lawn and plead with him to forgive her (and maybe hug her and squeeze her and love her forever). But he was mad and hurt ("I fell hard for you") and it was done for him. So I suspect that's the last we'll see of that.

But the damage is already done. Nikki's third of the marriage has been so icy of late, with Bill unwilling to make a full reconciliation, that she's perhaps had a little too much time to cauterize the wound. She's hardened a little against her husband — not on purpose, maybe just out of self-defense — and now she's sort of stuck out there by herself with new feelings and old, dead feelings and, well, isn't love sad?

Someone who is not sad, but probably will be soon, is Margene — who's making a mint at her home shopping job, but is trying to keep the money for herself. She's projected to make something like $130,000 in her first year, a number that has Bill and the other wives wide-eyed with surprise, confusion, and perhaps a little greed. It seems inevitable that Margene will be made to put most of the money into the common pot, because that's the weird arrangement they have and it just wouldn't be fair to do otherwise. I mean, Nikki doesn't really ever bring money into the house (unless she's working as a double agent at the DA's), but when Barb was earning a little cash with the teaching stuff, she threw it all into the pile. Didn't she?

Over at Crazy-Cult Farms, Roman was being mourned and buried, but mostly just buried. I suppose some people were sad about his death, the blessedly-still-alive Mary Kay Place, for instance. But most folks, like Alby, seemed awfully thrilled to see that sucker dead and gone. Speaking of suckers! Alby went to a meeting of Gay Mormons Anonymous so he could see his parks and recreation friend again, and in an unexpectedly bold move — spurred, I'm sure, by the prophet's demise — he just grabbed that dude right in the face and kissed him, repeatedly. Oh Alby! Such new fire in him! I'm sure it will horribly backfire and terrible things will happen to him. Because, love is sad.

A love that could get scary or sad is the one that Barb is tooootally going to have for Adam Beach the Indian casino guy. That little tête-à-tête they had in the office where she asserted her authority to act in Bill's stead and he made a crack about Roman's body showing up at the casino was just wayyy too flirty to have been a simple Barb-at-the-office throwaway scene. No, I suspect there will be some sort of attraction there.

Which Bill won't notice until it's too late probably, because Bill is running for state senate! He got one of his prophecy vision things or whatever (Mormon's intuition?) and he's decided that he needs to be an out 'n proud multi-marrier. Nikki and Bill's brother — who has come back with his crazy wife, who is getting threatened by her brother JJ — both think that Bill should totes be the new prophet of Juniper Creek, but Bill doesn't want anything to do with that. No, he wants to be bold and political and daring. Basically, he'll run for the special election, and then once he's got the office secured for four years, he'll come out as a polygamist and he'll be a civil rights hero. Or something. As this is a dramatic television show meant for entertainment and enlightenment, I think we can be sure that it shan't be an easy campaign. Sissy Spacek ought to be stopping by soon as a rival politician, and she never makes anything easy. At least Bill's got Professor Lasky from Saved By the Bell: The College Years to help him.

This season has indeed been Big so far, with lots of plot and a huge roster of characters and plenty of sinister intrigue creeping its way around the edges. They've already got me hooked. How about you?

Oh, also! This may have been Amanda Seyfried's last episode? I know she was supposed to leave after she got married, but maybe they'll give her a few more as she plans to move or whatever? If it was indeed her finale, well... That's kind of sad.