Jay Leno has become the most hated comedian in America. But he's not the only one! These comedians are also hated because they're unoriginal, obnoxious, and out of touch. But one theme ties them all together: they're not funny.

Jay Leno

Why he's hated: He's poisonous prune juice.

Jay Leno is the inspiration for this list. He is everything a comedian shouldn't be. His material hasn't been funny for years, it's is dumbed-down for a crowd that doesn't want be challenged intellectually, and in the brotherhood of comedians, he betrayed his brethren by selling Conan down the river. Jay Leno is the runaway winner on this list.

Jeff Dunham

Why he's hated: Racist puppets.

If Jeff Dunham wasn't a comedian, he would probably be a Klan leader. The man is so racist, and so crude, that anyone laughing at his jokes should be ashamed of themselves. Thankfully Comedy Central mercifully canceled The Jeff Dunham Show after one season. Using puppets to be racist makes everyone overlook that it's not actually a racist puppet, but a racist comedian with his hand jammed up a puppet's ass.

Carlos Mencia

Why he's hated: He's a thief.

Not only does he steal jokes from classic comedians but he's needlessly racist and had no sense of comedic timing whatsoever. Plagiarism and lack of comedic skills leads to him having a television show on Comedy Central. Where he continues to plagiarize and mock every promising comedian on the planet.

Dane Cook

Why he's hated: Insufferable prick.

Dane Cook wasn't always hated. In fact, he was actually liked at one point. He was just catapulted to fame so fast, that he didn't have nearly enough material to sustain himself as a consistently funny comedian. Instead of telling jokes, he just degraded into becoming the douchiest man in all of comedy. He had one of the worst specials HBO ever aired, and his trademark "superfinger" made everyone want to just give him the regular finger.

Rosie O'Donell

Why she's hated: She starts shit with everybody.

It's one thing to be outspoken, but there is also a breaking point. Rosie O'Donell—while a good comedienne—simply can not stop picking fights. In her time, she has had very public feuds with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Donald Trump, her publisher, Star Jones, and Barbara Walters . Everybody loves a good feud, but at this point, people are growing weary of her antics.

George Lopez

Why he's hated: Somehow flipped tired, racist jokes into a career.

George Lopez, if anything, gives hope to people who want to be famous but have absolutely nothing to offer. George Lopez literally brings nothing to the table except jokes about how Latino, black, and white people differ from one another. If you want to see someone be on point about racist issues, just watch Dave Chapelle. In fact, watch Dave Chapelle, then watch George Lopez immediately after. You will see such a large gap in comedic sensibilities that you will become angry. Angry at the fact that not only did George Lopez have a terrible sitcom for 6 years on ABC, but now has a terrible late night talk show. And they're both successful. There is no justice in this world.

Carrot Top

Why he's hated: Stupid props.

It seems that every new moon Carrot Top takes a break from working out to go to The Tonight Show, manically grab props out of a bag, (an ashtray attached to a bottle for redneck moms? HA!) and then promptly recede back to the gym to work on his delts.

Sarah Silverman

Why she's hated: She uses crudeness as a crutch.

A lot of people like Sarah Silverman, but she definitely deserves a place on this list. There are plenty of comedians that are cruder, blunter, more disgusting, and funnier than Silverman. Only they will never even sniff the success that Silverman has attained. So why did she become successful and they didn't? Because she's Jewish, she's attractive (but not afraid to wear a wacky mustache in public!), and she says "fuck" a lot while talking about taboo subjects.


Why he's hated: He's the original Carrot Top.

A man who built his reputation on an act that isn't even remotely funny. His humor was mainly physical, and when he did actually use words to make jokes, they were terrible. Like his famous bit on how T-O-M-B and C-O-M-B are pronounced differently. What a riot!

But what makes Gallagher even worse is how poorly he's aged. Just check out his recent interview with The Onion's AV Club. He comes off as jaded, old, bitter, racist, obnoxious, and most of all not funny. This is a man who became famous for smashing watermelons calling the current comedy landscape "mediocre and boring." That alone right there should merit him a spot on this list.