Harold Ford will leave Manhattan this week. The next stop on the would-be candidate's Listening Tour is not a 35th-floor hotel bar or legendary midtown restaurant. No—next up, Harold Ford, man of the people, is going to a castle!

Ford—who did make a trek up to Sylvia's over the weekend, in what was almost certainly his first time north of 96th St. (not counting helicopter trips)—is meeting with New York Independence Party leader Frank MacKay at the Long Island home of Gary Melius. Melius' house, by the way, is Oheka Castle, in Huntington. Also known as "a building that stood in for Xanadu in Citizen Kane" and "the inspiration for Jay Gatsby's estate."

Today, Ford is just going to follow Kirsten Gillibrand around to various MLK Day functions. "It's unclear if Ford is still planning on traveling to Haiti with Sharpton as originally planned," according to the Daily News, but we'd guess he isn't, because you cannot even get a decent Grey Goose martini there.