Hollywood glitterati were Tweeting pictures and doing other techno-things during last night's big time Golden Globes ceremony, and we've rounded up some of their snaps. They're grainy and blurry, proving that Twitter really is going to ruin traditional journalism forever.

Spot any more homemade paparazzi shots in your travels through Twitter? Let me know!

Jenna Fischer and others in "the bowels of the ladies room." [Amanda Palmer]

Glee's Corey Monteith holding his treasure. [Corey Monteith]

More Glee kids. Some of whom are too young to be drinking champagne!! [Corey Monteith]

Everyone's true vampire love, Alexander Skarsgard. [Michael Ausiello]

Requisite photo of A plus K. [Ashton Kutcher]

Palmer says: "this is the TelePrompTer. I almost got my phone taken away for this one." [Amanda Palmer]

Neil Patrick Harris is afraid of Mickey Rourke. [ActuallyNPH]

The kids from Modern Family were all done up. [Danny Zuker]