Rich, powerful people who are sent to jail for insider trading when their friends wear a wire for a year are famously forgiving. They'll probably just shrug off a WSJ article outlining the Donnie Brasco-esque ways they were betrayed.

It's quite a tale — David Slaine, a senior trader with a history of violence and banker-scumbaggery, was caught insider trading. He then apparently agreed to expose a second insider trading ring by wearing a wire for a year. Members of the ring, one of whom was known as Octopussy, "met on street corners to exchange cash for tips and used disposable cell phones, according to the government."

One of the men arrested, Craig Drimal, was a bouncer at a nightclub called Vertical. He and Slaine bonded "based on a shared passion for weight lifting and their mutual ability to bench-press 400 pounds."

Slaine then got him a job at the hedge fund Galleon. And then secretly recorded him and got him arrested. It would make a good movie, but they're all such appalling characters.