Before she was a bubblegum bad girl, Ke$ha was just another silky-haired teenager wedging herself into camera frames with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, building a reality show spectacle in a Nashville-based Simple Life episode with her mom.

Last week, we read about Ke&ha's meticulously cultivated rebel image. And now, courtesy of SuchAndSuch and Starcasm, a glimpse of an awkward—but perhaps already spotlight-conscious—Ke#ha, in an episode where the roving heiresses play matchmaker to her mother, punk-rock songwriter Pebe Sebert:

A few thoughts.

  • 1. In her genesis of Ke§ha post, Doree noted the starlet's familial ties to the music biz. Their Simple Life appearance suggests the family fame machine was at least at a high enough register to land them on this show: Either they auditioned to be on the show, or Ke£ha's family are close enough with reality show producers, the Richies, or the Hiltons to pull this off.
  • 2. Whatever your misgivings about Ke€ha, it could be worse: She could have modeled herself after Paris and Nicole. At least she contributes to society, by encouraging us to shake our butts on the dance floor.
  • 3. Her family's willingness to be on camera: Could we have another family fameball on the horizon? This tenet is a bit premature, but Ke¶ha's teen rebel image is predicated at least on the specter of sternly disapproving parents. (See: Opening scene of Tik Tok music video) Ergo: Should Ke¥ha make the jump to reality television, I'm going to recommend a House of Carter meets yodeling Von Trapp Family Singers meets Dukes of Hazard situation. [Starcasm]