Tonight, SNL opened with a Larry King Live parody that addressed the mess at NBC over its late night lineup. It sucked. What didn't suck, however, was Seth Meyers' anti-NBC rant during the Weekend Update segment. Video of both, inside.

That's it? With a week to prepare, I thought SNL would have made a better effort to take advantage of the huge amount of interest in this story. And besides Jason Sudeikis as David Letterman (which I, at least, thought was funny), the impersonations—even Hammmond's—were subpar.

Maybe Weekend Update will do a better job? I guess we'll see.

Update, 12:25 AM ET: Here's video of Seth Meyers discussing the situation during Weekend Update in a rant that was decidedly, albeit metaphorically, anti-NBC.

Update, 12:55 AM ET: Host Sigourney Weaver briefly mentioned the controversy in her opening monologue via the reading of a memo that her father—former NBC President Pat Weaver—had written when he created The Tonight Show in 1954. (Thanks, Tim.)