As a dedicated fan of the dumb art that is tag-related humor, this is particularly enjoyable: some cute Hulu users decided to mark up Jay Leno clips. Funny! Because lots of people use Hulu, and will see things like this:

Apparently, Hulu users are Conan fans.

Context update: For those who mercifully don't keep up with either shouting head wars or comedy nerddom, the whole so-and-so "raped and murdered a girl" joke started at the 2008 Comedy Central Roast of Bab Saget when Gilbert Gottfried did a routine in which he urged people to stop spreading the non-existent rumors that the former Full House star had "raped and murdered a girl in 1990." But the meme sprang back to life last September when a fellow named Isaac Eiland-Hall anonymously started a web site called Beck, a PR genius, sent legal letters demanding the site be taken down which only ensured that more people heard the joke. In November, the World Intellectual Property Organization ruled Eiland-Hall wasn't infringing on Beck's trademark, repeating his argument that only a "moron in a hurry" would be confused by the parody site. Eiland-Hall gave the domain to Beck anyway, but the meme lives on.

On one hand, this is about a lowbrow as tag-related humor can get. On the other, Hulu's pretty corporate, and there are no doubt people whose job it is to sit around and regulate these things, and they just happened to let "Jay Leno Raped and Killed a Girl in 1990" pass right on by! Not because it's true, but because someone probably thought it was funny, like I did. Which just goes to show you that even if big corporate machines filled with what we think are monkeys pulling levers and pushing buttons (like Hulu), there might actually be people who (A) share the sentiments that you do and (B) think things like the Glenn Beck Meme are funny. Or maybe this actually did just happen to get by, in which case, the only thing that's funny about it is that someone took the time to do it. Which is, also, still pretty funny.