This must be why she was running around with her head in a pillowcase the other night. Not because Heidi's big plastic surgery reveal is a People magazine exclusive, but because it is scary. She's a silicone cyborg.

The Speidi fameball may have just spun off its axis and landed in Jocelyn Wildenstein 'Cat Lady' territory. Even with Photoshop intervention, it is hard to believe that these two bodies represent the same 23-year-old female. People says surgery is Heidi's way of dealing with "insecurity" and "Hollywood pressure." Regarding the "Hollywood" angle: If she hadn't become famous, would Heidi be like this? Also: Will the paparazzi even recognize her? And: Sci-fi was wrong about the first half-human half-synthetic beasts being super-intelligent cyborgs. They are already here, and they are half-human half-silicone sex toys.

Here's a pre-op video of Heidi confessing her surgery addiction: "When I wake up I'll be Mrs. Pratt. New last name, new face." More scans including slightly NSFW hospital shots at Oh No They Didn't. [People] [HuffPo] [People] [ONTD]