Like most interns, Jill Zarin arrived with a smile and a good attitude. She also brought her own intern and gift bags. Yes, it turns out that Jill Zarin is a handful. Just ask the paparazzi who found her outside!

Our intern arrived with her own intern who had to schlep a bunch of gift bags (containing good booze, beauty products, chocolates, and, of course, coupons for Zarin Fabrics) up the four flights to our office, and she quickly dismissed him. She was ready to work hard on her own. She did break one of the cardinal rules in our otherwise quiet office: she talked loudly on the phone, and often. Oh, and when her phone rings, it plays "Single Ladies." Would you expect anything else? She even put her daughter on speaker phone so that we could all chat with her.

Like a good unpaid employee, Jill was ready to be paid in knowledge, and she asked a lot of questions about all sorts of things. She asked the tech people about computers, she asked me about my job, and she asked the Gawker.TV crew about how she can make her own clips of TV shows at home. Yeah, Jill is a talker, and hers was often the only voice you could hear yelling across the room.

To maintain the calm we sent her out to the taco truck to get lunch for everyone which attracted the attention of a papparazzo. Because it wasn't enough for him to get pictures of her ordering lunch for an office full of hungry bloggers at a taco truck in SoHo, she posed for pictures to make his job easier.

She was funny and gossipy. She answered your questions, and told us all her answers before posting them so that we could laugh along. Jill definitely got the snarky tone of the site down with little instruction. As our intern, Jill didn't make our jobs any easier, but she made it a little more fun.

Thanks to video intern Daniel Barnum-Swett for editing these clips. Unlike Gawker intern Jill Zarin, he does not appear on a Bravo reality TV show. Yet.