The Way We Live Now: Being mean. On purpose! The good thing about being mean is that is is fun to make others feel your pain. Homeless shantytown? Bulldoze it! Rich bankers? Tax em! Church money? Steal it! Whee.

Silly homeless people, constructing themselves a makeshift encampment in the Long Island woods. How "homeless" can you be when you have a tentlike shelter to which to retreat? LOL! So the owners "had the men's tents torn apart." Good job. Very Amurrkin of you.

Hey I heard bankers are pretty rich? NObama wants to tax em up to take the money and give it to welfares! Even after scientists have already established that bankers pay more in taxes than your whole fucking pitiful paycheck for the year, you fucking scumbag, now bring me my drink? It's true, the liberals hate success!

You know what else would be mean? To fraudulently bilk your fellow churchgoers for $15 million. Well that's exactly what this lady did though. We told you people are mean these days! Did we not?

You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you that an Egyptian mummy was too god damn mean and cheap to even be buried with a proper offering to the gods, but that's exactly what happened.

Being mean feels good and that's why we do it. Being mean when you're poor is just "icing on the cake," and the cake is just made out of dirt (because you're poor). But at least you have that icing. Mmm.

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