Today at Gawker.TV, poker strategies for Conan O'Brien, mascot for the Mets suggestively thrusts at JuJu Chang, David After Dentist gets his revenge, Howard Stern's rant about Jay Leno and American Idol's "Pants on the Ground."

Howard Stern Despises Jay Leno, Gets a Call from Conan
Howard Stern was as juicy this morning as all the late night shows were last night. He spouts a good deal of vitriol towards Leno. So much in fact that he's debating making his first Tonight Show appearance in years.

Poker Strategies for Team Conan O'Brien
The Late Night buzz is still going strong, but Conan has yet to be very specific about his future plans. People love him, but his many forays into executive producing have been abysmal failures. Conan's got some gambling to do.

American Idol Births Another Classic with 'Pants on the Ground'
While the audition rounds used to be can't miss TV to gawk at astonishingly bad performances, it's grown tired this season. For the most part, they're staged, but this one was so good that it doesn't even matter.

Did Mr. Met Just Thrust Behind a GMA Anchor?
Today on Good Morning America, Mr. Met demonstrated some questionable moves behind a clueless JuJu Chang. We've played it over and over and still can't tell if he's guilty of being an on-air perv or just has some major balls.

'David After Dentist' Gets His Chance at Web Redemption on Premiere of Tosh.0
Despite his internet infamy, David After Dentist is actually a really likable kid. In this Web Redemption, it's Dad's turn to be embarrassed: they draw on his face, drag him around, and send him off in a Balloon-Boy-eqsue float.