Well well well, shut our collective mouths, magically! Last August, a woman accused David Copperfield of luring her to his private island, raping her repeatedly, and then threatening to kill her if she told anyone. Copperfield denied it at the time. But let's be honest: everyone already thought David Copperfield was kind of creepy, so it's the sort of accusation one might be inclined to believe.

But apparently she was lying after all! The Smoking Gun reports that the FBI has shut down its investigation into the claims of the woman, "a former Miss Washington pageant contestant who now works as a waitress at a Bellevue restaurant," and concluded that she lied about Copperfield. They came to that conclusion after local cops said the woman is a prostitute, and that she recently falsely accused another man of sexual assault. In that case, police say she decided not to pursue (presumably false) charges because she feared it would put her case against Copperfield in jeopardy.

Anyhow, your character is once again above reproach, David Copperfield! Although magicians are still creepy regardless.
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