A leaked email from NYU Law's student listserv reveals a fight to book Snooki at a bargain-basement rate of $2000. As the email battle rages, Snooki's price rises. A comparative analysis reveals post-bar-brawl Snooki as the show's fastest-rising moneymaker.

After getting punched in the face on camera, Snooki went from the cheapest Jersey Shore get ($2000) to the priciest ($10,000 at last count). As for the Situation, you'd think being outed as a stripper would increase his asking fee, but he and Pauly D have been cruising at $7500 since December. I only found one data point for J-Woww ($5000) and though Vinny and Ronnie started at the same place ($3500), Ronnie's fee dropped $500 in January, and he also wasn't enough to hold a hosting gig on his own—a joint appearance with Sweetheart drew a combined $3000.

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