We like Zach Galifianakis so much we won't ruin this post by complaining that anyone who first discovered him by watching "The Hangover" doesn't deserve to call themselves a Galifianakis fan. Whoops! Anyway, he is starring in a new film.

The comedian and actor is teaming up with "Little Miss Sunshine" directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris for a new comedy, "Will." The premise, developed by Dimitri Martin, goes like this, according to the LA Times: "a high-concept comedy about a world in which people's lives are scripted by angels, and the particular predicament of one man when his angel quits." Paul Rudd will also star, and Will Ferrell and Adam McKay will produce. If this movie is bad we will eat our keyboard. [LAT]

•Chinese people are taking over the world, and they're starting with Kevin Spacey! Spacey is starring in a Chinese film. "Inseparable" is a dark comedy about a young Chinese man (Daniel Wu) who befriends a mysterious expat (Spacey). Spacey will not have to learn Chinese, which is good because otherwise the film would take about five years to make. Variety says this is the first wholly Chinese production starring an actor of Spacey's clout. [Variety]

•More transnational news: Chris Rock has optioned the English-language rights to the French film "La premiere etoile" ("The First Star.") The film was a big hit in French and is about a working-class black family that goes skiing at a fancy ski resort. The joke is that French people don't go skiing. [Variety]

Peter Sarsgaard is in negotiations to play the bad guy in "Green Lantern," the Warner Bros. superhero flick starring Ryan Reynolds and Gossip Girl Blake Lively. We are very tempted to infuriate comicbook fans by saying the film is "based on the Marvel comic of the same name" but, alas, it is late and we are tired and "Green Lantern" is a DC Comics creation. [THR]

•Do you like the ABC shows "Modern Family," "Cougar Town," or "The Middle"? If so, you are in luck: ABC is re-upping all of them for a second season. We have not seen any of these shows, because we have been too busy watching "Mad Men" in slow motion so we can fully appreciate all of the historically accurate details. [The Wrap]

•"Cougar Town" of course stars "Friends" alumna Courteney Cox. Which would make a sort of a "Friends" reunion if ABC picks up the new Matthew Perry pilot, "Mr. Sunshine." [Variety]