Jon Stewart does a lot of things right. Last night, though, he blew his chance to eviscerate John Yoo—author of the Bush torture memos. But tonight he made everything right with this charming mea culpa.

Anyone watching Stewart's interview with Yoo last night couldn't help but be disappointed at how soft Stewart was on the man who provided the legal underpinnings for simulated drowning AKA torturing of American prisoners. As the American Prospect put it:

Stewart allowed Yoo to maintain the illusion that he was a good faith actor simply doing his job, rather than someone who had deliberately distorted the facts in order to justify the unjustifiable. After being outmaneuvered for nearly 30 minutes, Stewart grudgingly admitted that he was "not very equipped to handle the discussion."

Of course, Jon Stewart is a comedian hosting a comedy show, and the fact that we felt let down has to be seen as the exception that proves the rule that Jon Stewart is one of the sharpest interviewers in TVLand.

Here's Stewart's interview with Yoo:
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