We somehow fooled Jill Zarin, our favorite Real Housewife (from New York...with red hair), into interning for us on Thursday. She's used to having a publicist and other helpers, so what should we make her do now that she's ours?

That's right, Intern Jill reports for duty here at Gawker HQ bright and early on Thursday. But just what should we have her do when she gets here? Should she pick up Hamilton Nolan's dry cleaning? Help Richard Lawson come up with a new nickname for herself? File John Cook's FOIA requests? Make a PB&J for Pareene? Email Ryan Tate dirty pics of Facebook founders? Proofread Brian Moylan's articles (god knows they need it!)?

Help us keep Jill busy and make some suggestions in the comments. We'll have full coverage of her visit on Thursday. If you're lucky, you'll get to see her accomplish the horribly menial task you devise.

Oh, and we're still taking applications for editorial interns, celebrity or otherwise.

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