Logo announced today that it picked up the "gay housewives" show Kept, to launch in October, but they're still looking for one more cast member. Maybe that's because some gay-listers have already turned it down. Like who?

According to a source close to the casting, our "gay housewives" poster boy and Marc Jacobs' husband fiance Lorenzo Martone has turned down being a part of the production. So has Terence Noonan, a producer on The Dr. Oz Show , a four-time Daytime Emmy winner, and co-author of Starring You!. The source also said that True Entertainment, the Real Housewives of Atlanta production company making the show for Logo, is trying to woo celebrity flack, former Star editor, and frequent Gawker target Joe Dolce to do the show.

Dolce told us that he hasn't been contacted, and requests for comment from the other men haven't been returned yet. A rep for Logo said that producers contacted many velvet mafia dons to get a "lay of the land" and it is possible that these three were contacted but "none of them are participating."

One of the reasons recruiting might be difficult is because some men don't like the tenor of the show. Our source says, "Lots have backed out. They positioned it as gay housewives when in fact it's based on gold diggers. It's called Kept and [they] are having trouble finding guys who are happy having a sugar daddy yet interesting enough to fill reality TV. Best cast for reality shows are normally pushy with big opinions and personality! These aren't the peeps who marry rich old men!"

That hasn't kept a core cast from wanting to air all their Chelsea-style backstabbing, but Logo is still looking to add one more young gentleman to the mix. If you want in on the fun, email the producers with the following:

1. Multiple photos of yourself AND your significant other with names, ages, addresses, phone numbers, etc.
2. Mention what you do for a living (or are pursuing)/what your significant other does for a living.
3. Photos of where you live including any second homes.
4. Why are you and your lifestyle so fabulous and what's the BIGGEST drama in your life.
5. It's also very important to mention any friends to consider featuring in the show as well!

We hear that production starts "when the weather is warmer." Damn, the ferry out to Fire Island is going to be even more insufferable when it's full of camera crews.

[Image via Bauer-Griffin]