We're starting a new daily feature in which we put a spotlight on a particularly funny, servicey, or just plain interesting comment that we think you should read, in case you missed it. Today the award goes to Uncle_Billy_Slumming.

Uncle Billy says in When the Oranges Freeze You Know the Humans Don't Stand a Chance:

I spent a few evenings at a frozen orange juice factory. For operation, it required just about 5 people total, just to make sure nothing weird was getting mixed in with the fruit. Everything was automated — even the night manager went home with a beeper, secure in the knowledge that the machines would give him a call if anything interesting happened.

Things got pretty boring after the initial tour, so we let a french girl try to put us in a barrel. She couldn't so we put her in the barrel instead. She giggled and giggled.

Years later I was talking to our handyman. He had grown up in a tent in the orange groves, he told me. One night he found himself at a party at Errol Flynn's house near Mullholland Drive. Errol locked him in a closet.

The box on my counter contains "Cuties." Cuties are E-Z Peel, Seedless, tasteless California Clementines. The product information is written in both English and French. Despite these being Clementines, there is a label that reads "Size" and "Mandarins" (Clementines are a seedless variant of Mandarins, apparently).

"Coated with foodgrade vegetable, beeswax, and/or lac-resin based wax or resin to mainatin freshnesh," it says.

"Proudly packed by Fierement emballe par Sun Pacific, Bakersfield, CA"

On the bottom of the box:

"Treated to maintain freshness in transit with one or more of the following: Imazilil, Thiabendazole"

We're not sure what every word in there means, but we still like it!

So make your comments as good as can be and you too could win the grand prize, which is... nothing. Nothing but glory!