The Hollywood Life editrix has spent years trying to teach us celebrities are just like us. Well, now she's living like a real celebrity by throwing her daughter a Bat Mitzvah fit for a queen. Marquee, swag, open bar! Wheee!

Even we are above making fun of a poor 13-year-old at her Bat Mitzvah (the above pic is Bonnie Fuller hanging in the adult corner of the party). But there was something downright disturbing about the batch of photos a tipster sent of Bonnie Fuller's daughter's recent party: there was a step and repeat for guests to pose in front of, the requisite paparazzi, even shutter shades, all in the Chelsea super-club known best as the place Paris Hilton once wobbled in her stilettos. The only thing missing from this recreation of a Lindsay Lohan night out was a bag of coke, a lesbian girlfriend, and an up-skirt shot on TMZ the following morning. Oh, and a corporate sponsor. Word is Bonnie paid for everything herself. Wouldn't spending your days scrutinizing the misguided lifestyles of the rich and famous be reason enough not to steer your kids away from pantomiming Tara Reid and Mischa Barton? Let us turn to the Notorious B.I.G.'s words of wisdom: "Keep your family and business completely separated" and "never get high on your own supply."

Free sunglasses!