Because we grew up reading newspapers, we take a look at what they print each day. Today: Mudoch-owned paper goes big with a report that Conan O'Brien is going to a Murdoch-owned network, and Goldman Sachs breaks out tiny violins.

Several newspapers report that Conan is upset about being shunted in favor of Leno. Only one conclusively says he's moving to Fox. That's the New York Post. Which is owned by Rupert Murdoch. Who owns Fox. Maybe it's all innocent and above board and it never crossed anyone's mind that landing Conan would be a big deal for Fox, and that reports suggesting a move is imminent help open the door. Maybe. There's no other story that dominates. But these are fun to read and absorb and contemplate while strolling along a riverbank.

  • You think you're cold? Try being a tropical fish in Florida. You'd be DEAD, probably, say the New York Times.
  • Ladies are being ambassadors to the US because Hillary Clinton is a lady and they can talk about skirts together, says the Washington Post (except the skirts part).
  • And the Wall Street Journal say bankers need their bonuses in cash not stocks because they can't spend stocks to maintain the lavish lifestyles they've grown accustomed to.

Disclosure: I freelance write and report for newspapers that are included in this roundup. Where there is a direct conflict of interest I will make it clear.

The New York Times: reports that the government has so much video intelligence from drones over Afghanistan that it needs TV types to help analyze it. Salt is cast as New York's food villain once more, Americans still want cheaper healthcare, Kirsten Gillibrand has raised $7.1m for her senate race and the cold snap means tropical fish are dying in Florida. Happily though, the train line between Sarajevo and Belgrade has reopened, perhaps signalling a rehabilitation in the region.

The Washington Post: has a Chinese economic bubble story — which is apparently the new trend piece everyone must do a version of. Hillary Clinton has attracted more lady ambassadors to Washington, but they should watch out because bad guys with guns are afoot. The paper also report the awkwardness between Conan and Leno over at NBC, and delve into conflicts of interest on Capitol Hill.

The LA Times: reports on reform in the LAPD — or 5-0 as street folk like me call them. Meanwhile those pesky Mexican drug cartels keep mowing schoolkids down in Tijuana. There's a new Hendrix album on the way, which should please energy-saving hippies in California, and Harry Reid really didn't ought to have said the vaguely racist things he said about Obama.

The Wall Street Journal: have a vaguely banker-supporting article on the backlash that's expected when entitled banks try and justify enormous bonuses. It's not fair to give them stock! They have to pay school fees! The people in this growing part of Citibank might be OK though. People are unhappy about new airport security, especially people with sword canes, and states want more time to pollute before new emissions rules come in.

The New York Post: report that Conan O'Brien will leave NBC for Fox. Which is owned by Rupert Murdoch. Who owns the New York Post.

The Daily News: exposes some dodgy dealing in Albany.

Tampa Bay Times: um, wasn't this in the New York Times last week?

Mid Day (India):but at least break-up stories have international appeal.