Adrian thinks Susan Sarandon left Tim Robbins for Ping Pong Entrepreneur Jonathan Bricklin.. Susan Sarandon says she didn't. Adrian thinks there's truth in her SNL Digital Short. Sarandon's Mom is even surprised. But...this NYT feature strikes a fairly suspicious note.

It's on the Ping Pong place. Sarandon, who was out drinking with Bricklin around New Year's Eve—AS FRIENDS, maybe—gets quoted. And the quote they pulled for the slide?

Dressed in plaid and a visored cap, Susan Sarandon, Spin's most prominent investor, looked like nothing so much as a newsboy. But it seems Ms. Sarandon has loftier ambitions. Surveying the hall, she remarked with a smile, "This place will give me something to do in my old age."

I really like Susan Sarandon so I have nothing to add here, suffice to say that if I ever see some foosball/darts expert/shuffleboard champion sleazing on any girlfriend of mine, I will not hesitate to take them and their bar-born hobbies out. Nothing, just "Take them out." Snakes! All of 'em.

[Photo via Elizabeth Lipmann at the NYT]