People are still pushing the "Ed Schultz for Senate" idea? Really?

Schultz lived in North Dakota for many years, and he endeared himself to many as the voice of local sports, but since then he has moved to Minnesota and gotten a show on liberal MSNBC. He would be toxic to voters in North Dakota.

One radio host got himself elected and suddenly people think a shouty former sportscaster will net enough support in a conservative state to win a Senate election against a popular governor?

Notably, Ed Schultz wouldn't be the first professional progressive talker in the Senate, if he chose to run. Original Air America host Al Franken has been the sitting Senator from Minnesota for six months now. And, if Ed were to win, progressive radio would being to look like the training ground for the future of the Democratic party—unlike conservative radio, which produces a bunch of hot air but few people who look sane enough to voters to send to the Senate.

Franken barely eked out a victory against an unpopular incumbant who'd never cracked 50% in a state-wide election, and who, notably, lost to Predator star Jesse Ventura when he tried to run for governor. And this is in a state that hasn't gone to a Republican in a presidential election since 72. North Dakota is a little different!

Dear Liberals: if you want a Democratic Senator from North Dakota (and you probably will not get one, this year) convince Earl Pomeroy to run. Not the guy you see on MSNBC.