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Comical RNC chairman/urban-suburban hiphop settings expert Michael Steele has been called into an emergency meeting! It seems that Republican congressional leaders had no idea he was releasing a book until they saw their party head promoting it on cable news.

So. Steele keeps saying dumb shit on the TV, and there was a little mini-scandal wherein he was accepting money for speaking engagements (something previous chairmen have apparently not done). And now this book. "He's freelancing," a Republican aide told the Washington Post.

Aides from GOP congressional offices apparently blew up at RNC officials during today's morning strategy conference call. They were mad that Steele was ruining the GOP message during a bad week for Democrats.

Steele has a thankless job, organizing a Republican party that can't decide if it wants to be about war and torture, serious opposition, or hysterical white populism (j/k, they decided to be about the last thing). But he's also done a fairly shit job, and it was recently revealed that the organization is completely broke. Combine this with how fun and easy it is to mock his various insane interview statements—seriously, he is embarrassing himself on TV multiple times a day now—and you have the makings of a classic ouster.

Steele's book is called Right Now: A 12-Step Program For Defeating the Obama Agenda. Because America is like an alcoholic, only it is addicted(??) to socialism.

We still don't know if Steele's being asked to step down, or if they're just telling him, once again, to rein in the crazy.

Update: Ok, maybe there was no emergency meeting! No one is sure why he abruptly canceled his ABC appearance.