It is not surprising that noted nasty man Rudy Giuliani would casually say something so incredibly stupid as "we had no domestic attacks under Bush." It is weird that supposed journalist George Stephanopoulos does not bother to challenge this statement.

You can watch the entire miserable segment here, if you are in too good a mood this morning! George just lets Rudy babble on and on and on, without bothering to correct or challenge him, on anything. Like, for example, in addition to 9/11, some other guy did the exact same thing as this underwear bomber did, in December of 2001, only with a shoe, instead of underwear. And everyone knows and remembers this. George remembers this! But why bother to bring it up?

Welcome to morning TV, George! Keep up the good work, you adorable little Sorkin character! Let's go to Sam with the weather!