Angry, angry billionaire Ron Perelman gave Ellen Barkin many millions of dollars when they divorced, but he refused to fund her film production company. So she sued him. And won! Party at Ellen's! Bring your unproduced screenplay!

Corporate raider and 18th-richest person in the country Perelman met actress Barkin at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in 1999. They married in 2000, and promptly began fighting all of the time, because both of them are crazy people with lots of rage.

They divorced in 2007. But in 2005, Perelman had promised to provide all the funding for a production company Barkin was starting with her brother, who is, of course, an aspiring screenwriter. Barkin sued when Perelman didn't provide the promised funds. Perelman (who should've just paid—he's gonna miss a couple million?) said Barkin and her brother were just going to raid the company and not even produce films or anything.

Well, Barkin's Applehead Pictures just won $3.4 million, plus interest. Which is totally enough to make like one movie! We can't wait to watch it!

Here are the judgment and the court order, dated today.