Bless The Smoking Gun for finding the emails sent to the FCC after Adam Lambert gay glitter-splooged all over the American Music Awards' face. People were so mad! And obscene! And worried about the kids! Here are our faves.

Mostly people were shocked and appalled that such sex-filth could be put on television, and their toddlers who were up at 10pm watching pop music awards were scarred forever. TSG has twenty-eight of these morally righteous missives and they're all pretty funny... until they get sorta depressing.

Click images for full-size versions.

Sounds like someone who would know.

Heh, Rainbow City.

Another destroyed child.

"We had a long talk about Adam Lambert's dick." The poor girl.

Those rascally, gay-loving Nazis.

Fagatoni with white sauce!

Adam Lambert is a filthy lesbian.

At least she properly spelled "Imma."

Cool it with the crotches, America.

Milk, milk, lemonade.


Ha again!