That's right, you won't have to go to Seaside Heights to talk to two of the famous guidos, because we're bringing them right to you to talk about the latest episode as it happens. Who will it be?

We got two—yes, two!—castmembers on deck and they like to do everything together. It's Sammi and Ronnie! Yes, the king and queen of the boardwalk will be in the comments section talking to you guys, having a good time, and talking about the episode—which we hear is very eventful for Ronnie. Now, boys and girls, promise you're going to play nice while we have visitors. As usual the live blog will start at 9pm and the episode will start at 10pm. There is an "after show" special (which we're guessing will have the Michael Cera bit) on at 11pm, so you know we'll probably stick around for that too.

While that is exciting news, the sad news is that we only have three weeks left of the most important sociological study of our time. After Thursday's episode, January 14 will have two back-to-back installments, and then January 21 will feature the season finale. As we always thought Jersey Shore was like a gossamer veil, a beautiful scrim to view the world through, but dissolved in the wind before we were ready to let it go.