Wish you had one handy dandy calendar with all the TV show return dates? Well, that's why we're sharing our Google Calendar with you, so that you can know what to watch and when. TV is almost back, thank God!

Here is when all of the shows come back from winter break. There are even a few new shows thrown in the mix just to make things exciting. Because this is Gawker, we weren't going to let all these shows pass without judgement. Oh, hell no. The shows that we love are in red, the shows that are so-so are in yellow, the shows that we don't care about are in a blueish-gray, the shows we forgot existed are in a different blueish-gray, and the new shows are in green. We aren't passing judgment on those yet—well, at least not publicly.

The one exception on the calendar is the Real Housewives of New York, which we hear is coming back in February, but Bravo hasn't set a date yet, so we just put it on the first Thursday in February as a place holder. We'll update the calendar when we hear more (and as new shows come along).

Feel free to peruse our calendar, embed it, import it, export it, comment on it, add it to your calendar, do whatever you like. Don't let our complete lack of anything better to do with our time go to waste!