In your wintry Wednesday media column: More and more and more Dana Milbank, short is good, freelancing sucks, and just let the NYT sell its ads, you ungrateful bastards.

Caucasian Washington's funniest funnyman since Mark Russell, Dana Milbank, is getting his own Sunday Op-ed column in the Washington Post. OH GOOD. You know, Dana Milbank is actually a fairly entertaining writer, so what creates our knee-jerk repulsion towards him? His ill-concealed self-satisfaction? His smug face? His god damn videos? It's an interesting, annoying parlor game.

Michael Kinsley wants shorter stories.

Making a living as a freelance journalist: it sucks even worse than it used to.

A reader complained to exec Denise Warren about those roll-over ads that expand to cover content on the website. Her response—and we're paraphrasing—was, do you like reading this nice fucking paper for free, asshole? How about you let us make a few bucks then and shut the fuck up? Again—paraphrase.