Well! Nikki Finke has a good scoop today: 17 year-old Taylor Lautner is getting $7.5 million for starring in the upcoming Tom Cruise vehicle "Northern Lights". Young, talented and richer than you. How's your coffee? Ours is kinda bitter...

According to Deadline, that $7.5 million is way more than admittedly huge stars Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron make per flick. In addition to "Northern Lights," Lautner was recently cast in the upcoming action film "Max Steel." [Deadline]

•Rumors are swirling that the next Bond film will be directed by Mendes. Sam Mendes. (That joke will never get old!) The film's future has been up in the air for a while due to MGM's financial trouble, but it looks like things are moving again if the whisperings are to be believed. Mendes directed "Bond" star Dinel Craig in "Road to Perdition," but was most recently doing real "serious" stuff like "Away We Go" and "Revolutionary Road." Is "Bond" finally going indie!? [Variety]

•The world may never get the fourth Spider-man film it so desperately does not need. "Spider-Man 4" is on "indefinite vacation" according to Variety, due to script problems. Just do it without one! Seems to have worked for 'Transformers 2'. [Variety]

•Vince Vaughn will be bringing his good-natured pudge to a Ron Howard film near you: Universal has picked up an untitled comedy dealing with infidelity. But if Vaughn cheated on you, could you even get mad about it? Just look at that puppy dog face! [THR]

•More fratpack news: New Line has picked up "Hall Pass," a Farrelly brothers comedy starring Owen Wilson and (possibly) Jason Sudeikis. Wilson will play a married guy whose boring life is shaken up when his wife gives him a 'hall pass' with which to engage in extramarital affairs. Fratpack + themes of infidelity = the next 'Avatar'. [THR]

•Minority funnypeople Carlos Mencia and Cedric the Entertainer have both just had pilots picked up by ABC. Carlos Mencia is as funny as he is Asian. [THR]