We're starting to fall in love with Marc Jacobs' unabashed faggotry, including the shirtless wedding cake topper at his marriage ceremony in St. Bart's. That's why he and Lorenzo Martone have been on the beach so long, it's a honeymoon!

Details are sketchy, but it seems the couple, engaged since March, were joined earlier this week, according to Stylexperts (via Guest of a Guest), at a private location and then had a dinner party hosted by art dealer Larry Gagosian. The only detail we really need is that on top of the cake is dashing Lorenzo in a tux and Jacobs shirtless, in all his tattooed glory. This is everything that conservatives fear about gay weddings, and we fucking love it! Congrats to the couple. Now, if only their "marriage" could become a legal marriage State-side.

Update: People.com's David Caplan tweeted that Marc Jacob's rep said there was no wedding, just a party and that the couple is still engaged. Wow, this means an even gayer ceremony must be on the horizon.