Former actor and current famous AT&T spokesperson Luke Wilson has been cast opposite Laura Dern to star in a new HBO comedy called 'Enlightened." Please let this be the end of those annoying AT&T/Verizon attack ads.

'Enlightened' follows Dern as a "self-destructive woman who after a meltdown has a spiritual awkening and becomes determined to live an enlightened life," according to the Hollywood Reporter. Wilson will play Levi, "Amy's unkept ex-husband who has a drug problem." It will be good to see Wilson again in something that doesn't make us want to reach into the television screen, grab one of those stupid Verizon vs. AT&T coverage area pushpins and gouge our eyes out with it. [THR]

•If Avatar were a person, it would be a billionaire! This weekend, 'Avatar' became one of only five pictures in history to gross a $1 billion worldwide boxoffice. 20th Century Fox says that Avatar could become the second-highest grossing film in history this week. (Number one is Cameron's "Titanic.") Seems that all those burning questions about "Avatar's" profitability were just so much pre-release hype. [THR]

"•High School Musical" star Ashley Tilsdale's production company, Blondie Girl Productions, have signed a producing deal with RelativelyReal, a reality TV-focused branch of Ryan Kavanaugh's Relativity Media. Look forward to some family-friendly reality shows that aren't cooking-based. [Variety]

•Americans hate reading subtitles so much that New Line Cinema is remaking 2007's perfectly-fine-in-Spanish film "The Orphanage." News today is that Mark Pellington ("Henry Poole is Here," "The Mothman Prophecies") is in negotiations to direct the remake along with Guillermo Del Toro. [Variety]

•Not satisfied with owning the rights to every awesome superhero ever (sorry, DC fans), Disney has secured a 10% stake of Stan Lee's new company, POW! Entertainment. [THR]