Also, makes us all feel very old. Related: Spoonman will save us all! A blogger notes that Chris Cornell tweeted last night: Soundgarden—the band the he left to go and form Audioslave (BLEH)—are getting back together.

Why's this so important? Because Soundgarden kicked ass, is why. Sure, there are people who will go in the comments thread and be like "You didn't like Audioslave WTF is wrung w/you man?!" and others will note how much better Temple of the Dog is than Soundgarden ever could be, so how can Soundgarden ever be good? And some will simply note that "this band sucks" or "all this music sucks" as those people are wont to do about pretty much anything. Watch them! They're incredibly consistent. You can write about Israel and Palestine reaching a peaceful, two-state solution, and sure enough, someone will show up in the comments: "Arafat's no Thom Yorke. He sucks. So does his band. And so did Kid A." And they are all entitled to do so, especially the people trying to make a point about Temple of the Dog.

But! This is the first pop culture news of the new year and for it not being someone's death—as some people would have us believe—that's kind of nice, no? So's this song:

Also, Chris Cornell's Twitter feed is kind of amazing. Doesn't this make you feel old? Soundgarden broke up back in 1998. Yes, you should feel old. Now go watch the "Black Hole Sun" video again and hide under the covers. Also, now that Rage Against the Machine is tearing up the charts in England with, like, 15 year-old songs, is 2010 the year 90s bands reunite and the entire trend comes full circle? Paging Bush, Garbage, and hell, while we're at it, Semisonic and how about another New Radicals album?

Fuckit! Reunite everyone on the Judgement Night soundtrack, too. I'd pay good penny to see De La Soul and Teenage Fanclub play "Fallin" together. I like this decade already.