Ladies and gentlemen, your Hipster of the Decade: Carles, from Hipster Runoff.

With 32% of the final vote, he smashed the runner-up, Gavin McInnes, by a full 10%. He beat out many worthy opponents. And now the question remains: Who is this Carles?

Nobody really knows. He is anonymous! Although he does give IM interviews. He told the Village Voice, "I grew up in suburbia and recently graduated from business school," and said "I think the whole concept of the site is 'being able to justify your alternative existence' by monitoring websites that are theoretically on the bleeding edge of culture."

Okay? Some people thought Carles was in fact the unbearable Tao Lin, but that doesn't seem likely. Some internet detectives say he's just some dude who went to Tulane, but who has the will to pursue that to the point of mystique ruination?

Not us. The whole thing is appropriate, in that hipsterdom is understood to be a mysterious absence of soul and meaning, and it is now officially embodied by a mysterious absent figure. So let's forgo the whole vague 1500-word writearound tribute.

I guess Carles is Hipster Runoff, which you can read at your leisure. The blog is kind of like...Pitchfork mixed with whippets mixed with chat room slang and maybe a certain faux-Rain Man quality? It must be consumed to get a full sense of its essence. If you like internet obscurities in general, maybe you will like Carles' blog in particular!

He sent us the photo below in honor of this award. HEY CARLES LET'S FUCK BRO.

Here's to a new decade in which we don't say "hipster" any more.

Illustration by Steven Dressler