You can say Steven Seagal is a bad cop. You can say he's fat. You can even say he's boring. But DO NOT say he isn't a totally badass martial artist. Because he SO is.

Steven arrests an obviously wasted man who isn't exactly his biggest fan. Steven and the drunk guy banter back and forth about how much his wife loves him, and it's all good and fun. Then things take a turn for the worse. He says Seagal isn't really a martial artist. Really? REALLY?!?! Does he even know who the fuck he is talking to? Don't let his 270 pound frame fool you; Seagal could, and would kill you 3 times before you even hit the floor. And that's on a bad day. Did you even SEE what he did to Gary Busey in Under Siege? Obviously not. Because what he did was completely destroy him, which is the same thing he would do to you, but harder. Except that it's illegal.

Anyway, let's see how Steven coped.

Look at that face! Is that the face of a Kung-Fu master with efficiently harnessed Chi? I think not.