The New York Post has a late contender for dumbest story of the year — they really squeaked it under the wire, but it really is bad. And the middle-east dominates the rest.

There are also these stories, to read while you think about how dreadful New Years' Eve is:

Disclosure: I freelance write and report for newspapers that are included in this roundup. Where there is a direct conflict of interest I will make it clear.

The New York Times: takes a look at intelligence failures over the Detroit bombing, has two stories from Afghanistan and a heartwarming New Years' tale from Jerusalem about the friendship between two hospitalized kids. One Palestinian, one Israeli. Closer to home, their investigation into meat continues and New York is $1bn in deficit.

The Washington Post: also has the news from Afghanistan and takes a=two different looks at the intelligence failures around the Detroit bombing and Fort Hood. DC is growing as a city, and the US now owns GMAC.

The LA Times: has news of a potential link between the Detroit almost-bomber and a US cleric and a report from the bombing in Afghanistan. There's an interesting look at the workaday life of an LA gang member, a piece on Russian spies and look at a successful Marine battalion leader. Also, apparently, this decade was not so good for investors.

The Wall Street Journal: kind of contradict the LA Times and say 2009 has been a 'banner' year for stocks. The Iranian government are oppressing their people in a whole new way, the US are investigating a cleric tied to the bomb plot and iPhones are being wheeled out in the battle against drink driving.

The New York Post: seems to have given up and realized it's a slow news week and that it can just scare people by picking one tiny thing that the police missed that MIGHT have been a bomb. But wasn't.

The Daily News: has a New Year miracle — a woman thriving after a five-organ transplant.

San Jose Mercury News: finally, an end-of-decade piece. Sheesh.

Glos Szczecinski (Poland): wins for prettiest, most creative use of a New Years' Eve front page.