The British shooting world — in which rich people get together in stupid trousers to shotgun animals — has already hosted dictator kids this year. Now one of its leading figures is embroiled in a 'Christmas suicide mystery'.

That's according to the Daily Mail, anyway, who say in this story that "millionaire tycoon" Jonathan Wraith, who'd hosted shooting parties for members of the royal family, shot himself at the family estate in Lincoln. A source close to the family told the Mail that Jonathan was very wealthy and had everything to live for.

There is no history of depression and he gave no hint of money worries or that anything else was amiss. His mother, Shirley, is absolutely devastated.

(Dramatic music). The Mail also use this as an excuse to dredge up some family history — when Jonathan's parents divorced, his mother accused his father of giving her a venereal disease he'd picked up in a Dutch sex club. It was proved false. But what creativity.