If you're stupid or improvident enough to covet a "career" in journalism-type-stuff, why not start with a Gawker internship? In exchange for stressful labor under constant deadlines, you'll get nothing valuable experience at whatever it is we do.

Ever wonder what it feels like to actually wither under Nick Denton's venomous gaze? Are you eager to settle that bar bet about whether "Brian Moylan" is a just a hip, youthful persona for a bitter and dissolute 47-year-old Canadian who blogs for Amazon gift certificates? Want to hear what we really say about commenters behind their backs? And, most importantly, do you have the drive, curiosity, and keenly honed sense of envious rage that it takes to rocket to the top echelons of an industry with no future?

Then throw your hat in the ring to become an editorial intern for Gawker. While Gawker Media has long had a prosperous program for video interns, this is different: We're looking for people to work with words and numbers specifically to support Gawker.com. The gig itself is rather vague and undefined, as is the fashion in this crazy new-media world of ours, but we can promise that it won't involve making copies or sending faxes, as we don't have either in our office. It will involve research, number-crunching, reporting, design, and doing things that we'd rather not do.

What we're looking for: Sharp, engaged college students or recent grads who read constantly and are conversant in the ways of finding things out over the internet. Previous internship experience at a newspaper, magazine, or web site is preferred, as is familiarity with the software tools of our trade. What we're not looking for: People who want to talk about themselves, or what they think, on the internet. This is an opportunity to learn how to collect and organize information, and how to tell people things they don't already know.

The schedule is flexible but requires a minimum of 15 hours a week over the course of four months and you must be able work from our office in NYC. College internship credit is available to those who qualify. To apply, send an email to editinterns@gawker.com with a brief description of your relevant experience and what you like and don't like about Gawker. Don't send any attachments as they are very unlikely to be read.