The eight-guidos-in-a-house reality show is MTV's biggest hit in years, but this year Christmas and New Year's Eves land on the show's Thursday night slot. Should they air a show no one will watch or risk further cast overexposure?

Well, they decided to air a new episode on New Year's Eve, and it's about time, because the cast of Jersey Shore is on the verge of ruining this beautiful thing we created by being absolutely everywhere. They've appeared on every talk show, they made a Funny or Die video, and they've been on every magazine cover from Life & Style to Steppin' Out.

Barely anyone (especially in MTV's target age range) will be home to watch the first airing at 10pm on Thursday, but the show really needed to remind the world why we feel in love with this sociological experiment in the first place before we get thoroughly annoyed by seeing Snooki and The Situation every which way we turn. For a minute, we almost got sick of the whole lot of them. And then DJ Paulie Discourse went and told Life & Style, "My personal style is fresh to death. Have you ever been to the supermarket? You know the produce section, like where the food is fresh? That's my style." And all was forgiven.

Instead of watching live on Thursday, everyone will check out the show on Friday morning to salve their hangovers and we'll all be back in full force the following week, putting those unpleasant appearance behind us and focusing on the magnificent creation that spawned this latest batch of fame Tribbles.
For any of you staying in for New Year's Eve, we'll still have a Jersey Shore live blog starting at 9pm on Thursday. Live Blog Extraordinaire MisterHippity (who created the awesome illustration above for his Tumblr) will be guest hosting and dropping in the comments to make sure everyone doesn't make a mess. I will be out vainly attempting to find something gayer to do on New Year's Eve than watching the Anderson Cooper/Kathy Griffin/Lance Bass extravaganza on CNN, but I'll have a recap of all the Seaside Heights action for you boys and girls on New Year's Day.