Oy. The rollercoaster of a train wreck of a nuclear meltdown that is Teen Mom continues to slowly crush our souls. This week: more fighting, more advice, and a whole lot of regret.

Maci gets a break from her son Bentley to hang out with her friends that actually got to attend college. She gets to taste the sweet life of a sexy co-ed for a day, only to have it immediately snatched away. Anything positive on this show is VERY fleeting. When she says her goodbyes to her friends, she gives them the most pragmatic advice they will ever receive.

Next up, Gary and Amber. Ohhhh, Gary and Amber. We've discussed them before. The two of them are still, ahem, bickering. Gary, still in his pursuit of being horizontal for 75% of his waking hours, STILL refuses to help out with the caring of his child.

How is this Gary's reaction to Amber calling him a lazy slob? In the middle of their argument, he's lying down twirling a dirty sock around his finger.

Anyway, after their fight, Amber goes to a motel that is usually reserved for people that want to have a nice quiet night doing a pile of meth.

But this week's moment belongs to Farrah. Farrah, doing her best TSA impersonation, is trying to protect herself tomorrow from what happened to her yesterday, by getting some birth control. She decides to go with the NuvaRing because it matches her skin tone. After getting her anti-baby medication, she skips home to immediately hide it from her parents. Where does she hide it? In the fridge where her parents will NEVER find it. Well, her dad finds it. And the look on his face when he sees it is PRICELESS. It is quite obvious this is not the first time he has made it either.

Another week of complete disappointment for all parties involved on Teen Mom. And the train wreck somehow continues to chug along.