A strange case has come to light in Texas. Howard Goldman was sent into an exotic animal dealership to document cruelty. Now attorneys for the dealership accuse him of deliberately mistreating snakes in his care so he could report mistreatment.

According to the Associated Press an attorney for US Global Exotics, who's trying to get the company back 26,000 animals that were seized earlier this month after Goldman reported on cruelty at the firm, said that the PETA man denied snakes in his care food and water and then took pictures about it. "He was more concerned about helping PETA achieve its goal of putting U.S. Global out of business than actually aiding any animals that he felt were in distress,"

He, meanwhile, says they're just trying to shunt the blame and were routinely nasty to snakes, iguanas and other innocent reptiles who didn't even ask to be born so shut up. Ingrid Newkirk, President of PETA told the AP that US Global Exotics are just trying"to pin the blame for a litany of horrors on the one person who actually cared about the animals."

The moral of the story? When you're nasty to snakes, no one wins.

(Note: the man in this picture is not involved with this case. At no time was anyone accused of putting snakes in their face.)