Currently under house arrest in a comfy chalet in Gstaad, Switzerland, convicted sex offender Roman Polanski has some very unique dilemmas, but he has solutions—he's suing the photographers who take his picture and sending warm wishes to supporters.

Polanski filed a $1 million plus lawsuit against the photographers who have been taking pictures of him and his family at the chalet (pictured here waiting out in the snow). Apparently his privacy has been invaded. Say what? Polanski is a public figure in a very public industry and is the center of an international news story/scandal and wants his posh half-way house protected from cameras? Way to erode all that international good will, Roman.

Of course, he filed it in France, which has a judicial history of taking the side of public citizens over the paparazzi and is also the country that aided and abetted his run from the U.S. law for decades after he admitted to having sex with a 13-year-old girl. Switzerland will decide whether or not to extradite Polanski to the U.S. in January, and his privacy case will be held in Paris on January 12. It's going to be quite a month for Polanski and for France, which is putting itself in the middle of this international incident yet again.

According to Polanski, though, he has the support of the people and so many people are sending him love notes that he just doesn't have time to respond to all of them. Here is an except of a letter Polanski sent to famous French journalist Bernard-Henri Lévy, who, at Polanski's request, posted the letter online:

These messages have come from my neighbours, from people all over Switzerland, and from beyond Switzerland – from across the world. I would like every one of them to know how heartening it is, when one is locked up in a cell, to hear this murmur of human voices and of solidarity in the morning mail. In the darkest moments, each of their notes has been a source of comfort and hope, and they continue to be so in my current situation. I would like to be able to answer all of them. But it is impossible: there are too many. Do you have any suggestions as to how I could reply?

Oh, it is so hard to be Roman Polanski right now. Here's a bit of advice. You are in a "cell" on house arrest for at least a few more weeks. What better do you have to do but answer all your fan mail. Why not just sit down with a pen and pad and start scribbling off those responses. Why dispense with them all at once? It will be better to scratch those out from your jail cell rather than just marking the days that pass by.

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