Times Magazine interview condenser Deborah Solomon is her usual condescending self in her interview with actual criminal, torture memo author, and terrible lawyer John Yoo. But this guy deserves way, way worse than Solomon's bored contempt.

She is sitting down with the lawyer who blithely decided that a president should not have to honor any law or treaty, at all, if he doesn't feel like it. One of the men directly, personally responsible for Abu Ghraib and however many detainee deaths. And all she does is ask him if he "regrets" writing the torture memos. And then she needles him about his psychiatrist parents.

Yoo—my write-in for douchebag of the decade, as we can hold him responsible for the rape of dozens of people—even gets to pimp his terrible book, which is not called I'm Sorry, Someone Please Put Me in Jail, Forever.

Solomon was much, much tougher on Seth MacFarlane, whose crime is being the creator of a sophomoric cartoon. So, there you go: rape jokes are less acceptable to Deborah Solomon than actual rape (and beatings and torture and death etc. etc.).