Are US Army wives "doing all they can" to help win the War on Terror, if you know what we mean? (We mean are they being strippers, at home, enough??).

In order to do his duty as a journalist covering the War on Terror and important military issues here in the USA, New York Times reporter James Dao was forced to observe the shocking spectacle of a bunch of sexxxy Army wives performing a strip show, in a purported "practice" for when their husbands return home. The ultimate purpose of the dance-like routine is unclear, but New York Times reporter James Dao and his editors found themselves mildly scandalized by the entire ordeal, taking place right there in the general vicinity of a US military base.

There is a long and honorable tradition of military wives (and, these days, military husbands) going the extra romantic mile for spouses returning from war. A quiet weekend without the kids. Candlelight dinners. Some slinky lingerie.

But striptease?

Is this exotic "striptease" business really necessary for the efficient performance of the duties of a soldier in the War on Terror? A skeptical public hopes you ladies have a pretty convincing show to put on to prove to us that it is so.
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