On December 29, 1947 Ted Danson was born. He brokethrough as playboy Sam Malone on Cheers, he went onto become the first man ever to admit to sleeping with Whoopi Goldberg, and is now the most sophisticated pothead on television.

Playboy (Cheers), Co-Father (Three Men and a Baby), a friend (Curb your Enthusiasm), a soldier (Saving Private Ryan) and a cowboy/salesman (Made in America). These are just some of the roles amassed by the forever-relevant Ted Danson. He shows up in movies, but it's the small screen in which Ted became a household name. Here are some great moments in the canon of a TV icon.

Cheers: All the ladies loved Sam "Mayday" Malone, but we all watched to see Diane bring out the inner-masochist of the former Boston Red Sock.

Bored to Death: Danson lights up with Zach Galifianakis, and has some major breakthroughs one can only achieve by getting high.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Who could blame Danson for refusing to taste the Larry David? A sandwich made of white-fish? Gross.